When "the" or "a/an" is not needed


Fill in the blanks with a, an or the. In some cases, none of these is required.
  1. There are _____ 200 statements in this program.
  2. What is _____ square root of 36?
  3. I bought _____ 60 GB hard disk for my computer.
  4. Programming languages such as _____ C are high level languages.
  5. CDMA is one of _____ technologies used in wireless communication.
  6. Ethernet is _____ popular type of computer network protocol.
  7. We measured _____ inductance of the coil we made.
  8. _____ integrated circuits are very small.
  9. There are nine AND gates in _____ circuit in this diagram.
  10. We used _____ n-channel FET in our experiment.

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